23 November 2012

My 3 Week Weight / Fat Loss Results - I lost 6 lbs in weight & 2.1 % Body Fat

In my last newsletter I attached a word document which had on it what I was eating for breakfast and snacks for three weeks in a row along with a clean diet with no unhealthy snacks to get me ready and in excellent shape for the 8 mile cross country Grim challenge Sunday 2nd December that I'm taking part in.

I achieved the results using Herbalife nutrition products that I take myself and also highly recommend and supply to my friends, family and clients. Please find attached my results on the proper record sheet and also a word doc to illustrate the positive changes.

Bearing in mind that I was in the healthy green zone already the results are excellent and if someone who was in the dangerous high risk red zone would have followed what I had done exercise and diet wise for the last 3 weeks they would be well on the way to / or actually in the orange zone.

Then just 4-8 weeks more of discipline, self belief, commitment and motivation and people following my advise and getting on my super scales regularly to keep check will be feeling and looking in the best shape of their life and in the middle of the green healthy zone.

My scales cost £200 when I bought them from Amazon, now they're on there for £181:

They are the most accurate portable scales in the world used by doctors: Tanita BC-545 Segmental Body Composition Analyser

It's coming up to a busy time of the year for me with people getting in shape for Christmas and their New Year's Resolutions so let me know ASAP if you would like to meet for a FREE weigh in and wellness evaluation.